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Top Indian wedding DJ for your Dream wedding.

22 Apr

Let the team offer you the best Indian DJ for asian wedding options. The djs have a top package for big venues and will make your dream day spectacular if required.

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Asian wedding dj for your big day. Indian dj sukh


indian & asian wedding djs,Bhangra & bollywood music dj dj sukh

11 Aug

indian & asian wedding djs,Bhangra & bollywood music dj dj sukh

good UK Indian &Asian wedding djs .receptions,corporate events and club events.

top Indian wedding djs for Asian weddings in London, slough, reading, Essex and bristol.

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sikh wedding music dj,dj sukh

sikh wedding music dj,dj sukh

priced from £850 for small weddings.

tel 0800 4488 008

07940 084117 dj sukh


Uk top wedding djs for British & Indian couples.

3 Feb

Uk top wedding djs for British & Indian couples.

the wedding dj team of year are suited for large weddings that require that special touch.As it is a ones in life time opportunity it is best to get experienced and professional djs/effects operators.Raw Echoes is one firm that leads the way in creating a elegant electric atmosphere at weddings and events.indoor or outdoor.lavish venue or local leisure centre.

Our top djs are best suited for Sikh/Hindu weddings as well as the lavish British wedding here in uk.


indian & asian wedding djs

14 May

indian & asian wedding djs

Two things that are really important at any Asian wedding is the music entertainment  and food , if you don’t get these right it can lead to  disappointment on the day.thus the bride and groom and  guests not enjoying this special day and a lot of money going to waste.

One DJ roadshow in UK that stands out for Asian wedding djs tel 0800 4488 008 07940084117