sikh wedding,indian wedding,sikh & indian dj,djs,bollywood & hindi djs in london uk worldwide.

12 Jul

Sikh wedding reception in slough near London Heathrow airport.
a truly unique all day wedding from the moment guests arrived.Compliments for the lights, music, sound and we could hear ‘wow’ in the crowd,it made it all worth while.

Bollywood djs and bhangra djs rocked the party.
dj sukh  


Indian djs for Indian wedding in uk London& Birmingham.


sikh wedding,indian wedding,Bhangra djs & bollywood dj london

12 Jul

sikh wedding,indian wedding,Bhangra djs & bollywood dj london

Sikh wedding tend to be big and all friends and neighbors are usually invited for the wedding reception.


bhangra & bollywood music is popular at sikh wedding parties as is some popular dance numbers from mainstream charts.



Good & Top Sikh Wedding Djs in London UK

13 Mar

Talented Indian DJs for weddings and events,suited for sikh and hindu or British weddings.
only providing high quality services for your special day.
est 1987

bhangra music at its best for wedding and clubs

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when only the best will do for your wedding reception 

indian,asian wedding hilton birmingham metropole nec.


bollywood djs & bhangra djs asian events team

3 Feb

bollywood djs & bhangra djs asian events team

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top uk indian,asian wedding djs and effects team

3 Feb

uk Indian wedding and asian weddings in London,slough, Coventry,birmingham,nottingham.
djs with malkit singh,big fat indian weddings.


indian wedding and asian djs-Bollywood dj

3 Feb

indian wedding and asian djs-Bollywood dj

To get the best music for your club or wedding a Raw Echoes aka have top djs.

they asian djs and Indian djs have been in the music industry since 1985.all with highly accomplished skils and knowledge of the music.


Uk top wedding djs for British & Indian couples.

3 Feb

Uk top wedding djs for British & Indian couples.

the wedding dj team of year are suited for large weddings that require that special touch.As it is a ones in life time opportunity it is best to get experienced and professional djs/effects operators.Raw Echoes is one firm that leads the way in creating a elegant electric atmosphere at weddings and events.indoor or outdoor.lavish venue or local leisure centre.

Our top djs are best suited for Sikh/Hindu weddings as well as the lavish British wedding here in uk.